Thursday, December 3, 2009


We all have our favorite comfort foods, whether it be a big bowl of cheesy macaroni, crusty and gooey grilled cheese paired with tomato soup, your grandma's baked apples, homemade lasagna, double chocolate cake, or all of the above (because, hey, I could never choose just one...). We love comfort foods because they're delicious, maybe a little decadent, calories definitely don't count when you eat them, and, oh yeah, they bring us comfort. If comfort foods count among what we like to eat most, it makes sense that we might eat them relatively often; we definitely wouldn't neglect them and leave seven years between servings, would we?

- insert a shame-faced Lisa right here -

I ate molletes (pronounced moy-etays) all the time when Jason and I lived in Mexico: for lunch, for dinner, and for one water-logged weekend in Puerto Morelos, I ate them for breakfast every morning in a little posada by the sea. Then we moved back to the States and I promptly forgot about them. For years. Despite frequent travel to Mexico! Yikes.

Then, within the past month or so, two things happened: One - I traveled to Seattle for a wedding and, while there, was also able to visit two friends of mine that I know from living in Mexico. As I was driving towards their apartment I received a text that said, "Making molletes for lunch. Hungry?". I literally screamed in delight, probably frightening Jason a little bit. I talked about molletes so much over lunch with my friends that we found ourselves in a discussion about which type of beans are superior (La Costena) and that you can buy surprisingly good baguettes at Safeway. Second thing - I received a call at work from my friend Scott asking if I had any easy suggestions for Mexican food; molletes instantly popped into my head. Later that night, I received a text that he was now officially enamored with molletes.

So, to make a long story short, I had to make me some molletes, and pronto. I will not wait seven years for second helpings, either.


Crusty bread, beans, cheese, salsa...what's not to love?

1 large french roll
re-fried beans
cheese of your choice

Turn on the broiler, cut your bread in half and smear it with refried beans. Top each half with cheese and broil it until cheese is melted. Removed from the oven, top with salsa, and enjoy.
Pairs well with a cold beer and a hammock.


  1. Thank you for the pronunciation. When I first saw this I assumed it was meat. How pleasantly surprised I was to discover that it's made iwth beans. I'll have to give it a try!

  2. I'm mexican and molletes are one of my favorite comfort foods. If you top them with guacamole (preferably a home made guacamole with a little bit of lemon juice)it's just beyond delicious.

    Thanks for sharing this :)